Individual Implants

Individual implants can be challenging sometimes.

At Jewel Dental we have the end result in mind from the beginning — performing both the implant surgery and the crown(s).  We must consider the bone contour, the gum thickness, sinuses, nerves, and the other teeth.  The goal should be to mimic the natural shape and color of your teeth.


If your dentist does not offer the necessary bone/sinus/gum grafting needed to complete the implant, schedule a consultation now. 

Here are some examples of our individual implant cases:

He was sore from chewing on only one side, so we balanced his bite with implants.

She didn't want to get a bridge and ruin her teeth, so she chose 2 dental implants.

Could you have guessed which one was the dental implant?

Here is a case that needed sinus bone grafting to place 3 individual implants.

Could you have guessed which one was the dental implant?

After healing he had some shrinkage. With some grafting and an implant it looks great.

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