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Single and Full Mouth Dental Implants

From a single tooth to full arches — we provide complete implant treatment. With comprehensive procedures such as sinus bone augmentation, bone preservation, and gum grafting we can achieve life-like results. We offer multiple choices of teeth like the Snap-on-4 (Dentures that snap on and off). The well known screwed-in All-on-4® or "Teeth in a Day." And our exclusive and most popular treatment, Diamond Bridges

Digital X-rays & 3D CT scans

With our digital x-rays you will get 70% less radiation. There is also no waiting for processing as the x-ray image appears in front of you on the screen in seconds. We also have a digital 3D CT scan unit in our facility. We can see more in all dimensions; sometimes it reveals problems not visible with traditional 2D x-rays. With this technology we can be more confident to provide you safe dental implant treatment.



Massage Chair Teeth Whitening

Our patients love getting their teeth whitened in our Relax Room. Unwind in our state of the art Zen 3D massage chair as your teeth are getting pearly white with our professional level gel and light activator. 

Porcelain Veneers and Crowns

New advances in materials allow us to achieve a strong beautiful smile without metal. Veneers and crowns are an excellent solution for chipped, mis shaped, worn, or broken down teeth. With porcelain teeth you can stop worrying about staining and enjoy your bright long lasting smile.

Dental Laser Therapy

Diode lasers helps with periodontal gum disease treatment to decontaminate pockets and aid in faster healing.  Our laser can also be used to trim gums, remove lip frenums, and free tongue ties.

Cosmetic Braces

With clear brackets, clear bands and white wires, it will be hard to notice you actually have braces on.  The best part is that the treatment can be as short as 6 months.  We also offer Invisalign.  Don't forget to check our promotions and call for a consultation.

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