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You've heard about "teeth-in-a-day" and seen some information around.  Well... this is it!  This procedure involves extracting your bad teeth, trimming the bone, placing 4 implants (2 in the front and 2 in the back [angled slightly sometimes]) and attaching a temporary denture to these 4 implants in the same day!  While you are healing, the gums and bone will shrink and reshape.  After healing, you choose the final teeth and gums and we finish by placing them onto a strong metal bar.  So, you get your teeth in a day, but get a second reinforced "final" finished set 4-6 months later.  This way when the final teeth are screwed into the implants, you will have a better fit. 


Here is an example of the All-on-4-Teeth:


**Financing & Payment Plans Available**
Call now to book your appointment for a consultation to see if you qualify.

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