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Diamond Bridges

With the now common commercialized All-on-4(c) treatment, your bone is trimmed down to allow space for the connecting parts, the metal framework, the pink plastic gums, and denture teeth.  It is a good option for some, as we also offer this, but the problem with this treatment is that everyone is put into the same bone-cutting bulky screwed-in denture-styled teeth. We knew we could offer better.  

Here are 2 examples of All-on-4(c) both the top and the bottom of the mouth. 

** Notice the thickness of the excessive pink plastic built over to allow the screw holes. **


Jewel Dental provides exclusive Diamond Bridges that preserve your bone and gums and stay away from bulky plastic teeth. We can arrange to make slim cemented implant teeth that feel like teeth, and no these are not dentures.  Don't be fooled by peoples bright white teeth, many of those people are wearing screwed-in dentures like the photos above. 


Here are some examples of Jewel Dental's Diamond Bridges:

**Financing & Payment Plans Available**
Call now to book your appointment for a consultation to see if you qualify.

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